How Tyson Development will help you avoid a horror story remodel

How Tyson Development will help you avoid a horror story remodel

In today’s world, people are having their homes remodeled more and more often instead of moving. Many people are scared to dive into the bigger home remodel projects after hearing horror stories from friends, family or neighbors. When you have your home remodeled it opens up a very personal part of your life, your everyday living spaces and world, to the influence and actions of a lot of people who start out as total strangers. By the time the project is coming to an end, our goal is to be on excellent terms with our clients. If you work with a contractor that does not care as much as we do, it may seem like the longest weeks of your life.

In this article (link below), there are six key steps to a smooth remodeling process. Please take a minute to read it and give us a call for you next project, big or small. We make it our mission to have a successful and smooth remodel process with each and every client!

Surviving the Remodeling Process

“Remodeling”: For many, the word evokes thoughts of soaring entryways, magazine-cover kitchens, and half-acre bathrooms. Unfortunately, it also brings to mind a sense of invasion, dread and chaos. As our homes age, it makes more and more sense to bring things up-to-date by remodeling. It’s more cost-effective than moving and is usually far less disruptive.

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